Marla is Sick and Tired of Sweat Pants Being Her Only Wardrobe Option; Let’s Get Started!

Marla is Sick and Tired of Sweat Pants Being Her Only Wardrobe Option; Let’s Get Started!

This Monday marks D-Day (Diet Day)! You have made your New Year’s resolution to improve your fitness level and lose weight, but now the question is: How do you fit it into your schedule? The last blog post focused on making up the “Right Combination” to making a lifestyle change. So now, it is time to set yourself up for success by making fitness and wellness goals for 2017!

Setting Attainable Fitness Goals

The key to being successful in getting fit is to set realistic goals so you can track your progress and keep yourself motivated. Setting both long-term and short-term goals is very beneficial. Short-term goals can help you make exercise a habit and incorporate it into each day. Starting off with a simple goal, such as exercising 30 minutes a day 3 times a week, will help you achieve success more quickly, and, in turn, keep you motivated. It is important to periodically reevaluate and adjust your short-term goals, so as your fitness level improves you stay challenged and don’t get bored. Remember, fitness can be social or not. You have to decide what is going to keep you on track; if you need a buddy or social group, factor that into your plan.

Long-term goals are the ones that eventually turn into lifestyle changes. An example of a long-term goal would be completing a 5K or 10K event, or making a big change, such as losing 25 pounds. Only you can decide what your “golden ring” is! Make that long-term goal something that will make you proud of yourself. Short-term goals are the “steps” that you will climb to the top of your own personal championship podium…your long-term goal.

Making Nutrition Changes

Starting simple is the easiest way to incorporate healthy choices into your diet. Substituting fruits and vegetables for chips or crackers during the day is a great step. Taking the time to make lunch rather than having fast food is an easy way to limit excess calories, trans-fats and preservatives. Start small and simple in order to gradually turn temporary changes in your behavior into permanent habits. Rome wasn’t built in a day; be diligent and stay motivated because YOU are worth the change!

Marla’s New Year Fitness/Nutrition Goals

  • Complete the Stoneham Stoneham on Memorial Day Weekend
  • Complete an Eccentron/cardio/core workout 4 times/week
  • Limit processed foods
  • Increase water intake

Join Marla in getting/staying fit this New Year. Whether your goal is to run/walk a 10K or to enhance your performance in your chosen recreational activity, starting slow and being steady is your best chance in succeeding without becoming frustrated.

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