Momentum Brooks Shoe Review

Momentum Brooks Shoe Review

Momentum Sports Medicine is an authorized Brooks shoe retailer. One of the perks to purchasing your running/walking shoes from Momentum is that a staff member is able to help you pick out the right shoe for your foot type and the type of activities that you enjoy. In addition, being a “member of the club” gets you the opportunity for great savings on Brooks.

Best Sellers

The Ghost 9 has been our best seller over the last 6 months. Although it is classified as a “neutral shoe”, the Ghost 9 provides the wearer with the support they need for most day to day activities. This shoe is consistently rated as a “Runner’s World Best Buy” and many of our patients like that it is available in both a narrow and wide fit in the men’s and women’s shoe.

Marla’s Favs

Marla enjoys running and walking to keep fit and completed 2 half-marathons in 2016. For the long distance races she likes the stability that the Brooks Beast provides. The Beast falls into Brooks’ “control” category and is one of most supportive shoes on the market. For Marla’s foot type and injury history, a very supportive shoe and orthotic is necessary to keep her on the road.

For everyday around-the-clinic shoes, Marla has recently started wearing The Neuro. The Neuro is lightweight midfoot shoe. The Neuro is ideal for those looking for a supportive cross-training shoe.

Alison’s Favs

Alison completed a half-marathon and numerous 5k and 10k races in 2016 and enjoys running daily. For long distance races Alison, like Marla, prefers The Beast or The Ariel with an orthotic because of the support it provides. Because she is a pronator, it is important to have a substantial amount of support to prevent injury.

For cross training and golfing, Alison likes The Launch. Although it is classified as a neutral shoe, with the addition of an orthotic, it is adequate for those activities.

Janise’s Favs

Janise enjoys coaching basketball and needs more support than a basic basketball shoe provides. Because of this, her choice is The Adrenaline. She is able to wear this shoe on a daily basis and not suffer from any type of foot or knee pain. Janise is also a pronator with a history of knee injuries so she wears an orthotic as well.

Janise also likes The Launch because of the mesh build of the shoe and the different color selections. Again, The Launch is a “neutral shoe” so it is important for her to wear an orthotic to prevent foot and knee pain.

What’s Your Fav?

Come by the clinic and let our staff help you pick the shoe for YOU! Gait analysis are available and a recommendation on an orthotic can be made if necessary.

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