The Right Combination

2017 is just around the corner and so is the typical New Year’s resolution to get fit and lose weight. Every year we make the same resolution but more often than not it doesn’t stick. This year, let Momentum help you make a lifestyle change that will stick.

Keys to Making a Change

Educate yourself on how to make simple changes that will stick and get you to stick with the plan. Be proactive and take charge of your own health. Surround yourself with individuals that will make you accountable and keep you inspired to keep working out.

Marla’s Philosophy

YOU determine the numbers that unlock your obstacles to better health and quality of life. Your fitness and weight loss goals are made up of three numbers like those on a combination lock. Your physical number, nutritional number, and attitude number are what make up the “Right Combination”. Your physical number is your general health and fitness level. The nutritional number is what and how much you eat and your attitude number is your self-image, stress, and support system. These numbers all fit together to make the “right combination” for a healthier you. It is important to always remember that enjoying your exercise choices is what will make you stick with a program.

Things to Remember About Diet and Fitness

Building muscle is important to weight loss because of the tissue’s ability to use calories. Muscle is much like a sport-utility vehicle, it is designed to use a lot of gas (calories). Fat is like a compact car, it is very energy-efficient and uses very little gas (calories). Fat is insulation, it can be burned as fuel.  The human body uses glucose as fuel. All foods from proteins to fats to carbohydrates eventually end up as glucose. The difference is how much effort it requires for the body to break down the food. Simple carbs like white bread and candy require virtually no effort for the body to digest. The more complex the carb, the more difficult it is for the body to break down and use. Proteins and fats are much more difficult to break down and be used by the system. All that being said, it is important to remember that all these make up a complete and balanced diet which is important to your weight loss and fitness goals.

Momentum strives to help find the activities that fit you because it’s your time, your experience and your reward. It is YOU that needs to be in charge of finding your “right combination”. If you are interested in finding out more about fitness and weight loss programs at Momentum, don’t hesitate to contact the clinic at (970) 522-1969.

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